Sustainability in every last drop

We believe in doing our bit to give back to the world that’s given us so much. It’s all part of ensuring we include real sustainability in every last drop. When you treat yourself and buy fresh coffee from Bean Vibes Coffee, you’re also treating Mother Nature. Here’s how we make it happen:

Sustainably Sourced Materials

Ethical Produced Products

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Carbon Neutral Coffees

Put them all together and you start to see how we’re teaming up with our trusted partners to make a real difference on every level.

Eco-Friendly Recipe

Our De-Stoning Process

After every single one of our coffee beans has been roasted, they go through our de-stoner to clean out their insides. That means stones, debris and any foreign objects are pulled straight out, maintaining the purity of every cup. We use a vacuum sorting mechanism that lifts the low-density beans and drops the high-density beans to fall to the bottom. We then unleash a specialist cyclone to clean up and remove waste, ensuring perfect sorting, every time. When you leave the hard work to the experts, everything is taken care of.

Effortlessly Clean

Convection allows us to roast every last bean right the way down to the finest detail, and all without damaging the delicate outer surface. Perfect when you want to go so much deeper than with the old conductions methods. The result is a cleaner, smoother and fresher taste that lasts longer than anything your tastebuds have ever experienced. Why would you settle for anything less?

Naturally Cooled

When we finish a roast, we let the air flow in to cool everything down. That way we’re never puffing out smoke and giving Mother Nature yet another thing to worry about. Add in the fact we let air in to increase consistency and refine the taste and you see that it makes sense on every level.

One Tree Planted

We work with this wonderful organisation who are hard at work restoring our natural forests. For every dollar (or equivalent) donated, they plant a tree. Add a tree at checkout and you can make a difference today.

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